SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander


Business ProductivityVid-2X Day Traders

The benefits of increased desktop real estate have long been understood, having been the subject of numerous studies. Working with more than one monitor allows you to see more, do more, and ultimately be more productive. The extra work space can be used to spread out applications, eliminating the need to toggle between views. For specialized applications, such as day trading or financial accounting, multiple monitors makes it possible to see potentially critical information at all times, enabling quick decision making and efficient use of time.


GamingVid-2X Gaming

Gaming enthusiasts will be instantly addicted to the expanded view offered by multiple monitors. The added peripheral imagery makes for a more realistic and engaging gaming experience, especially considering that the image quality and graphics performance remains completely intact. With more and more games pushing the envelope in terms of complexity and sophistication, multiple monitor setups that don’t tax the GPU are an incredible asset to hardcore gamers. Moreover, the fact that the Vid-2X is hardware independent makes it ideally suited to gamers who are regularly changing hardware components.


Media Creation and Video EditingVid-2X Video Editing

Graphic artists and digital video editors require multiple tools, buttons, menus and controls, in order to work, however these take up a significant amount of desktop space. Often, they are left with very little room in which to actually create their works of art. The Vid-2X makes it possible to house all of the tools on one screen and dedicate the second screen to content creation. Images can be enlarged, more layers of video can be viewed, and there’s no more need to constantly preview work in full-screen mode.


3D Modeling / CADVid-2X 3D Modeling

Architectural drawings, design drafts, and various other 3D models can be quite large, yet extremely intricate. Not only would an expanded display make it easier to work on these projects, it could help avoid potential errors. With more desktop real estate, designers can zoom in on their work, where they can pay closer attention to the details, and make fewer mistakes. They can also work more efficiently without the need to repeatedly maximize and minimize assorted reference documents.


Digital SignageVid-2X Digital Signage

Digital signage installations are ever-present in retail locations, bars/restaurants, corporate boardrooms, classrooms, lobbies, houses of worship, and myriad other environments. Multiple monitors are the norm in these types of installations, with many of them opting for large-scale graphical walls. Paired with the appropriate graphics hardware, Vid-2X units can double otherwise-stated display capabilities. Herein lies an affordable way to drive 12 displays with a graphics card that only has the juice for 6.