SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander


Operating System AgnosticVid-2X Operating System Agnostic

The Vid-2X supports Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems thanks to its driver-less design. A completely external solution, it won’t break any warranties or disrupt your computer in any way.


Vid-2X Quick and Easy to InstallQuick and Easy to Install

Enabling multiple monitors has never been so easy. Just attach the Vid-2X to each of your monitors, and power the unit with a standard USB cable. There’s no guesswork, and best of all, no IT support required. 


Vid-2X External ControlExternal Control

No software? No worries! The Vid-2X features dip switches to switch between stretch- and clone-mode, and adjust for bezel gaps, and an LED light that identifies the connection status and screen resolution.


Simple Bezel ManagementVid-2X Simple Bezel Displacement

When spanning content across two displays in stretch-mode, simple bezel management makes your images appear natural and continuous. This feature comes in particularly useful when displaying large images across multiple screens.


Vid-2X Display CloningDisplay Cloning

In clone-mode, the Vid-2X displays the same content on two screens. This can be useful in digital signage installations, bars/restaurants, classrooms, boardrooms, and many other environments.


Combine Multiple UnitsVid-2X Combine Multiple Units

You aren’t limited to a single Vid-2X unit per system. Nay, multiple units can be combined to create advanced multi-screen display configurations. With the appropriate graphics hardware, Vid-2X units can be used to double otherwise-stated display capabilities.


Full HD Support Vid-2X Full HD

The Vid-2X was designed to support 2 displays at full HD (1920 x 1080). In stretch-mode, the Vid-2x can support a resolution of up to 3840 x 1200, creating a magnificent HD viewing experience no matter the set up. 


Vid-2X Single Logical DisplaySingle Logical Displays

To the operating system, the Vid-2X is perceived as a single logical display. This makes it easier to use with applications that weren’t designed with multi-monitor set ups in mind.


Landscape and Portrait SupportVid-2X Landscape and Portrait Support

The Vid-2X can support both landscape and portrait modes, for increased flexibility and versatility. While less common, a portrait orientation is often better suited to tasks such as word processing and web browsing.