SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander


Visit SAPPHIRE at ISE 2013






Attending ISE 2013?

We’d welcome the opportunity to meet you!

SAPPHIRE Technology offers just the right product mix to create almost any digital signage system – from single-screen to eye-catching video wall.

Witness interoperable SAPPHIRE products – including player PCs, extenders, advanced splitters, video wall player components, and digital signage software – powering dynamic signage demos.

Visit us at Stand 8-N227 to learn about our high-quality, cost-effective products, and find out what SAPPHIRE has in store for the coming year.

To book a meeting, please email us at

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Join SAPPHIRE at CES 2013






Are you attending CES 2013 in Las Vegas? If so, we’d like to meet you!

Our senior product management team will be on hand in a private suite at the VDARA hotel to show you what SAPPHIRE has been working on lately.

Come learn about our expanded Pro AV product line, see live demos, and find out what SAPPHIRE has in store for the coming year.

To book a meeting, please contact us at

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SAPPHIRE EDGE HD3 and Vid-2X Powering 3 Screens in Clone Mode

The Vid-2X is a nifty little gadget that essentially fools your PC into thinking it is only powering one screen. In this video, a customer is using the SAPPHIRE EDGE HD3 (which on its own can power up to two screens) to power three screens in clone mode. It was simple. They just connected the EDGE HD3 to the Vid-2X using an HDMI-to-DVI adapter (included with the EDGE HD3), and voila!

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Experience a New Level of Gaming with SAPPHIRE’S Vid-2X

Gaming enthusiasts is Sapphire’s primary audience; we know this market very well.  The Vid-2X product does not target the same audience.  Eyefinity is already well established in this space and one could argue that gaming across 3 screens is quite common at the high end.

Vid-2X targets gaming market in a different way.  Forester Research forecasts that desktops will comprise less than 20% of total PC sales by 2015 and more than 50% of the sales will be laptops, netbooks and mini PCs.  This large market is split into many categories that can be divided into consumer and commercial.  Within this large market many will not play games and the vast majority will be satisfied using the integrated display or use a single external display.

With the ever increasing speed of processors and the advent of APU’s these small form factor PCs increasingly support enthusiast gaming titles.  With the Eyefinity movement the advantages of wider fields of view (FOV) and the ability to move HUDs away from the main display are widely known advantages amongst the gaming community.  The Vid-2X is the perfect addition to the serious gamer that requires or prefers a mobile platform.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy the Vid-2X

1. Totally hardware independent external multi-monitor solution

Connect directly to any single Thunderbolt, DisplayPort or DualLink-DVI output and get two Full HD monitor outputs. No case to open, no fears of invalidating your warranty.  Works on laptops and desktops.

2. No software or drivers to install, completely Operating System independent

Extremely simple; not even a driver to install!  Really just plug it in and immediately start to enjoy the benefits of multi-monitor

3. Breakthrough Traditional Workspace Limitations

Enables two Full HD (1920×1080) displays from one connector.  Double your workspace, work faster, get comfortable and stretch out a little – or duplicate your image on two monitors or projectors – great for presentations!

4. Works with new and most existing systems

Unleash the hidden power of Thunderbolt, DisplayPort and DualLink-DVI on new and old systems – no matter what graphics hardware is in your system.

5. Single logical screen

Enjoy movies, games, video editing and any office application displayed across two monitors with no impact on CPU load. Just choose an exciting new enhanced graphics resolution!

6. Workflow benefits

With a larger work area, users can simplify tasks, improve comfort, get an instant productivity boost, make fewer mistakes, improve task focus, and ease source movement.  “It not only improves productivity; the work is judged as easier to do.” (Source: University of Utah research.)

7. Natural and Intuitive

Unlike other technology that requires getting used to, adding a pair of equally sized monitors to display content across both is natural and intuitive.  Just take a few seconds to understand that the mouse travels from one display to another – and that’s it!

8. Affordable

At an MSRP of $179.00 Sapphire’s Vid-2X is about the price of a 24″ display.  For up to 50% productivity boost this represents a tremendous return on investment and can pay for itself in a few weeks.

9. Addictive

Give someone a second monitor, let them use it for a while, and see if you can convince them to give it up!  Think about your desk and how instinctively easy it is to spread documents, reminders, reports and other items.  Your screen, sometimes not much larger then a sheet of paper, is much more confining.  Adding a set of displays to a laptop or netbook means everything you need is right in front of you; instantly you’ll spend less time flipping through everything that’s open on your desktop hunting for what you want.

10. Advanced features

Integrated features support advanced uses and extended applications – several units can be combined to create arrays of displays, displays can be cloned (mirrored) for collaboration or presentations, and monitor bezels can be compensated for at the flick of a switch to ensure that large images look just right – all without any drivers or special software required.

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