SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander

SAPPHIRE’s Vid-2X Display Expander spans your desktop across two monitors.

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What is the Vid-2X?

SAPPHIRE’S Vid-2X is a compact stand-alone unit that allows two Full HD monitors to be connected to a single Thunderbold, DisplayPort or DualLink-DVI output of a laptop or desktop.

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How does the Vid-2X work?

The SAPPHIRE Vid-2X doubles the number of Full HD displays connected to a single graphics port. The Vid-2X then splits the output across two seperate monitors.

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Why should I use the Vid-2X?

Sapphire’s Vid-2X in an affordable tool that works across a number of platforms and operating systems, does not require any driver or software installation and is truly plug and play.


SAPPHIRE Vid-2X Display Expander

Comes with all you see here!
Vid-2X parts


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